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Key features of our company


Odin Technologies aims to cut hospital costs and improve quality of life by preventing the misdiagnosis of compartment syndrome; a complication that has proven to be difficult for physicians to diagnose and monitor.

The Problem

Compartment Syndrome is a condition that can occur in muscle compartments after vascular damage. As the bleeding occurs, the compartment pressure can increase to unsafe levels causing tissue ischemia. If not corrected with an emergency fasciotomy, it can be life threatening for a patient.


Odin Technologies introduces the Valkyrie, a non-invasive optics-based tool that can effectively monitor compartment pressure as it develops in a patient, in real time.


The ones who runs this company


Steven Hansen

CEO & Co-Founder

Steven received his Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and Biology from Purdue University. Graduating as a Certified Athletic Trainer, he gained a thorough understanding of common medical malpractice and diagnostic procedure for compartment syndrome. Using his understanding of medicine, he attended Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, where he studied entrepreneurship law, medical device regulation, and intellectual property law.


Thomas Fisher


Thomas got his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Purdue University. During his time at Purdue, he also received his MBA from the Krannert School of Business. Currently, he is attending IUPUI as a candidate for a JD degree. For Odin Technologies, Thomas specializes in finance, business, and legal strategy – working to get Odin’s IP and regulatory strategy in order while implementing design control activities.


Takanori Lida

Technical Specialist

Takanori is currently a student at Rice University pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. He has had extensive experience in the design, development, and fabrication of non-invasive diagnostic devices. With his explicit experience in near-infrared spectroscopy and pulse-oximetry, he is working on the development of the high- fidelity prototype of Odin’s product to be used in animal model and human testing.



Maham Rahimi, MD


Jonathan Gunn, JD, PhD


Steve Mcphilliamy


Payan Tabrizi, MD

September 2018
Odin Technologies is pursuing its first pre-clinical animal study with Houston Methodist Research Institution.
June 2018
The Company got accepted into the TMCx medical device accelerator program in Houston, Texas! The highly selective program is designed to promote collaboration between companies and hospitals and begins in August, 2018.
May 2018
Odin Technologies, LLC incorporated!



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